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Project: Conspire
Submission Date: 02.2010
University Module: Experimental Design & Reflection
University Year: Two – Second Semester
Presented Material: Mediation and concept portfolio
Software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop
Music: Dropping Out Of School – Brad Sucks

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The brief for the project was to design and propose a concept for a calendar application for the iPhone and iDevices, targeted towards a student audience.
Conspire was born through the idea of collaborative calendars; which in turn came from the realisation that students are generally take the easiest route to any obstacle.
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Getting Smaller

Project: Getting Smaller
Date: 12.2009
University Module: Motion Graphics
University Year: Two – First Semester
Software: Adobe After Effects
Music: Nine Inch Nails – Getting Smaller

Second-year project for the Motion Graphics module. The brief dictated that we must design and animate a 1-minute song, manipulating the text of the lyrics to represent the words literally.

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