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Shoot The Green

Client: Shoot The Green
Studio: Quantum Network & Promotions
Date: 28.09.2011
Services: Graphic Design: Flash, Website Design
Website: ShootTheGreen.co.uk

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Shoot the Green runs golfing tours around the north of Spain, offering high-class tours, beautiful courses and quality accommodation. The website features in animated introduction that automatically forwards to the homepage once the short 3-4 second video has finished.

Full resolution visuals:

Shoot The Green Intro

Shoot The Green Homepage

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Table Service

Project: Table Service
Date: 05.2011
Exhibited: Device Found – Liverpool 2011
University Module: Independent Digital Project
University Year: Three – Second Semester
Software: Adobe Flash, Phidgets RFID

Part of a longer video filmed by Daniel Piercy.
For my final university project we were given an open brief with the only restraint being that the project must be completed within 8 weeks. I decided to build an interactive coffee table, titled Table Service, that uses RFID readers underneath the table to read RFID tags placed on the bottom of the cups and glasses to determine the type of drink (and location) placed on the surface. By the submission of the project, the system was essentially a ‘bookcase’ ready for ‘books’ (read: events) to be put into it; such as games, infographics, videos and other information.

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