Insight Report

Client: Insight Report
Studio: Quantum Network & Promotions
Date: 19.09.2011
Services: Graphic Design: Website Design
Website: TBA

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When it comes to applying for a loan or mortgage, document verification is perhaps one of the most important factors involved during the application process; often resulting in many pulled hairs, tears and blood. ‘Insight Report’ aims to fill a niche, providing a much simpler process of completing the document verification process online. Applicants upload documents to be verified by the respective companies and business, whilst business users have the ability to browse consumer uploaded content for market research purposes.

Due to the split nature of the website, it is important to guide the users to the correct features and client areas. The homepage is designed to act as a ‘fork’ in the experience roadmap, effectively separating the consumer users from the commercial researchers.

Full resolution visuals:

Insight Report Homepage