DS Nav

Project: DS Nav
Submission Date: 02.2010
University Module: Experimental Design & Reflection
University Year: Two – Second Semester
Presented Material: Mediation and concept portfolio
Software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop

Project portfolio available in the full article. Read More.


During the second year, I was given the task to design and propose a DSi (The most recent version of the Nintendo DS at the time) game or application to promote the interaction between members of a certain demographic.

My proposed application was a DSi satellite navigation system targeted towards and audience of taxi drivers, built on a backbone of social participation to report traffic problems and other location specific events. Inspiration for the project came from discussing problems with the navigation system they were currently using, with a taxi driver. He explained various issues including the lack of a feature to report a traffic problem or report that a blockage has been alleviated.

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