Interactive Coffee Table

Using the novel experience of an interactive coffee table to delight customers

Project Manager
Lead UI/UX Designer
Adobe Flash Developer

Table Service is an interactive coffee table designed to entertain and compliment experiences in café and bar environments. The table uses rear-mounted RFID readers to detect the type of drink and location of placement on the surface of the glass table.

The interactive coffee table began as a method of gathering data from customers to later use in data visualisations that identify consumption trends over time or day, week and year. However, the product evolved to become a complimentary and entertaining experience for customers by the addition of a rear-projected display onto the table’s surface.

Features of the table include:

  • Information related to the drinks placed on the table, for example a map displaying the source of the coffee beans used in the customers beverage.
  • A UI (User Interface) featuring accessible information and notifications, such as alerting the customer when their beverage is getting cold.
  • Built in jukebox, with speaker system mounted underneath the table.
  • Games such as ‘Simon Says’, where the players must watch carefully for instructions on where to place certain drinks on the table.
  • Video playback and tours can launched by placing specially designed tokens on the table.
  • Animated infographics utilising data gathered by the table.

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