Mobile 3D Landscape & Product Catalogue

Lead UI/UX Designer

Lets be honest, brochures are rather boring, especially when it comes to showcasing relatively invisible or hidden things such as electricity and the infrastructure of delivering it to your home.

This app can be downloaded for iOS.


The 3D interactive landscape changes an the story progressed as you swipe left and right to rotate the 3D plinth.

It begins with a section of land which slowly transforms as the story progresses through the planning, installation and delivery stages of setting up a substation to serve a city.

Throughout the step-by-step story various features can be explored, client stories told, statistics explained and individual products explained. The depth of the story adjusts on an ad-hoc basis: it can be told quickly be exploring only the top-level timeline of events, go deeper by discovering case studies and exploring the 3D product catalogues, or all the way down to individual product specifications.

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