Augmented Reality Naval App

Lead UI/UX Designer
Scaleform UI Developer

Using Augmented Reality to enhance the experience of showcasing complex naval defence systems


We designed and built iOS and Android tablet apps that use a 3D games engine and augmented reality features to showcase naval defence hardware.

These apps can be downloaded for iOS and Android.

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Demonstrating multimillion dollar equipment that relies on upfront investment is risky both for the supplier and the customer who are both in danger of loosing out. Inanimate scale models, brochures and even the most persuasive sales team are limited to abstract descriptions, metaphors and anecdotal information.

Interactive 3D apps offer closer-to-real representations of products in a more dynamic form than static photos and brochures. Whilst augmented reality technology (which bring virtual objects into the real world using a digital medium) allows customers to explore the 3D products at real-life scale in a more exciting and engaging way than text and images on a page.

UI sketching and wireframes

App screenshots

Live setup

The app was first used during conventions at specially designed demo spaces. The novelty of augmented reality allowed the experience to standout in a sea of competing stands.

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