A Suite of Engaging Product Catalogues

Engineering doesn’t get much bigger than the stuff that makes our electricity, and selling the ginormous heavy machinery is harder than it looks.

Lead Designer
Compositing Artist

Firstly, you can’t simply take a 500 tonne gas turbine to an industry conference – not without a good reason.

Secondly, how do you allow your products to standout in events full of competing organisations trying to flog their hardware? Beautiful prints and brochures, high production value videos, and even the friendliest sales representatives can’t always provide the most immersive and engaging experiences.

Alstom (now part of GE) attempt to stand out in the sea of expensive exhibition stands with pretty models and videos, by giving potential customers the ability to explore and discover this products virtually. A suite of mobile apps provides easy access to Alstom’s products at industry conference, during a visit from a sales representative, or on their own devices.

Alstom Gas

This app is available for iPad, Android tablet, and was adapted for Windows desktop.

A total of over 500 UX (User Experience) flow maps, wireframes and UI (User Interface) mockups were created, during the creation of the Alstom Gas Power app.

As the first app of the suite, the UX flow and UI designs evolved throughout the process, which ultimately became the comprehensive Alstom Branding and Design Guidelines documents that all first and third-party developers adhere to.

An early UI walkthrough

Design Guidelines


In order to create brand consistence we developed a set of 3D and design system documentation to help standardise Alstom’s visual identity and user experiences across apps.

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